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Q: What is Godchecker?

A: An online mythology encyclopedia - your Guide to the Gods!

We research and explore all the world's mythologies... from the well-known classical pantheons of Rome and Greece to the strange and obscure Gods of Oceana, Lithuania and Esoterica.

Mankind has a rich and fascinating history of legend, myth and belief. Once upon a time the Gods roamed the Earth and influenced the affairs of men. Not to mention the Goddesses. And if they weren't always helpful or easy to please, at least it made life more interesting. The Gods were REAL.

So where have they gone? Did the immortal Gods die out? Have the Gods become extinct, to be replaced with TV, football and shopping malls? It's a mystery worse than who killed the dinosaurs.

But we think we have the answer. Belief runs deep in human nature, and it's a hard habit to shake. Despite the advances of science and culture, the gods are still around. Some have sunk into godly obscurity, while others are big movers and shakers in cosmic affairs. Even in our modern world, FORTUNA still controls the dice, and RAVEN is as tricky as ever.

In these troubled times, it pays to know which gods are on your side. Some gods will come when you call, and others will make a very rude gesture. Whether you're looking for mythological facts, a deity to protect your investments or just a cracking good read, Godchecker is here to help you meet the Gods.