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Geography and Archeology

Where would we be without the dear old NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINE?

Anything being dug up or examined anywhere in the world and whooosh - they are there to record it all and always use brilliant photographers. They are more into hard facts than mystical conjecture, but these things interrelate and digging and delving is of prime importance. Furthermore the mags often contain separate fold-out maps which are more than useful in tracking down the habitats of obscure Gods.

They have been in the business since 1910 and their website is always full of the latest anthropological news. The GEOGRAPHICAL MAGAZINE was once produced by Chatto & Windus. We have bound copies for 1948-9 which are very good. There must be more out there somewhere...

In the 1980s and 90s Time-Life produced a Cultural Atlas Series. We have:
ANCIENT AMERICAS by Michael Coe, Dean Snow and Elizabeth Benson (1986).
CHINA by Caroline Blundy and Mark Elvin (1983).
JAPAN by Martin Colcutt, Marius Jansen and Isao Kumakura (1988).
VIKING WORLD by James Graham-Campbell, Colleen Batey, Helen Clarke, R.I. Page and Neil S Price.

WONDERS OF THE WORLD is a treasure trove in two volumes dating back to the 1930s, with very good illustrations for the time. Edited by J. A. Hammerton (Amalgamated Press, 1933), it's long out-of-print, and even the 1986 reprint is much sought-after if the $500 price tag is anything to go by. It covers all the archeological and historic sites of the time and has contributions by all the leading luminaries of the day. Such as Sir W. M. Flinders Petrie, Lewis Spence, E. Royston Price, Jessie Mothersole, S. G. Flaxland Stubbs, Sir Bertram Windle, T. Eric Peet, and many others. They don't make names like that any more.