Godchecker's mythology encyclopedia

Q: A God of Vomit?! Did you make all this up?

A: Absolutely not! All our deities are 100% genuine!

Why would we make things up when mythology is so rich in weird and wonderful legends? Every culture on Earth has had its share of strange ideas, and one person's bizarre myth is another's most cherished belief. The Gods are a law unto themselves. For example...

The Gods who retreat up the Heavenly Ladder to escape noise pollution.

The deeply profound Drunken Rabbit Gods.

The God who forgot to create the world because he was partying the night away.

The bald Goddess with a solid gold wig and the God who juggled his own eyeballs

The God with 1000 testicles and the God with no legs.

These are all authentic deities from cultures around the world. We may add a humorous twist to our writings, but we don't make anything up. (Although we may add the occasional wild speculation!)

If you're still suspicious, feel free to check out our reference library.