Hindu Mythology

The colorful deities and demons of India...

The Colorful Deities of Hinduism

The most popular Hindu gods

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It’s India for glitzy, glittery glamorous gods. They’re much larger than life — and even more colorful. Hindu deities are the Bollywood celebrities of eastern mythology.

Hindu gods are without doubt some of the funkiest, sexiest and most exotic around. They ride peacocks, elephants, tigers, turtles. They wave bejewelled objects and dance around outrageously. They wear more beads, baubles, bangles and gems than any deities from elsewhere. Their temples are adorned with sexy carvings which would make Puritans foam at the mouth.

After all, what’s the point of being a god if you can’t be a bit ostentatious? So Hindu deities like to make a statement, with more arms, legs and heads than most other mythologies put together, from a modest four up to a thousand. For example Indra — according to one legend — has a thousand vaginas. That should make your eyes pop.

Hindu mythology has mightier deeds, more heroic adventures, smoochier love stories and of course far dirtier demons than almost anyone else. Battles are more exciting than you could possibly cope with and a thousand transmogrifications are par for the course. So let yourself go and join in the Cosmic Dance with Shiva and the gang.


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