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Q: What about monotheistic religions?

A: Monotheism means the worship of the One True God.

Unfortunately there's some confusion over who the One True God actually is. Christians believe one thing, Muslims another, and the Jewish faith is different yet again.

It seems to us humble Godcheckers that Christians, Jews, Muslims, Protestants, Catholics, and Seventh-Day Jehovah's Mormons all devoutly worship the same Supreme Being. But the devil is in the details and, apart from confessing their devotion to the One True God, they can't agree on anything else. Which is very sad as this has caused a lot of unnecessary pain and suffering. :(

At Godchecker, we try to respect everyone's beliefs. We don't want to offend anyone in any way. But we'll just say this. Whether in business or religion, monopolies can be a very bad thing. Monotheism seems to bring out the worst in some people.

Polytheism, with its acceptance of many Gods and multiple beliefs, is not only more friendly and more fun, it's safer too. That's why we don't touch the biggie mainstream Gods. Jesus might sue us.

We sometimes receive quite angry emails telling us that the One True God is the only deity worth featuring. How dare you mention other Gods? they ask. We usually reply by asking what all the billions of people who've worshipped these deities over the past few thousand years would say to this.

We don't pretend to be experts on all religions, but we can certainly point you to quite a few places in the Holy Bible where other Gods are mentioned by name. Why else would the Lord say "Thou shalt have no other Gods but me?"

The bottom line: Godchecker is a mythology site. Not a religious site. Just because we feature a God of Aardvarks doesn't mean we advocate aardvark worship. We cannot condone human sacrifice, and you call upon the Invisible Pink Unicorn at your own risk. What you believe is entirely up to you. We here at Godchecker are perfectly happy with the divine Holy Snail™.