Godchecker's mythology encyclopedia

Q: How do I get the Gods on my side?

A: Good question. It all depends on the God concerned

The trick is to KNOW YOUR GOD. Some Gods and Goddesses demand blood sacrifice and torture. Others are so pleased to be noticed that they'll do practically anything.

Start by consulting our Holy Database. We've tried to include each deity's personality and preferences, but this hasn't always been possible. Sources give conflicting information, there is often no data available and, of course, the Gods are notoriously fickle. But this is an on-going project and we're adding new facts all the time.

The Godchecker Rough Guide to Good God Relations

1) Respect the Gods.

They were here before you, and they'll be here after you've gone. A little humility goes a long way.

2) Ask and ye shall receive. Demand and ye shall be plagued with boils.

The Gods like nothing better than giving you what you deserve, less taxes. So try to live up to your God's expectations and always ask nicely.

3) You don't always get what you want.

But you might find you get what you need. (Thus spaketh the mighty Jagger.) The Gods work in mysterious - not to say downright baffling - ways, and we have often noticed that what seems a disaster is really a blessing in disguise. (And a particularly heavy disguise at that.) So cultivate the patience of a saint.

4) Give Credit where it's due.

It's vitally important to show your appreciation. If a God's been generous, show your heartfelt thanks immediately. Even a modest piece of good luck deserves a nod to your holy benefactor. On the other hand, cursing when things go wrong is a profoundly bad idea.