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1) Look before you leap

Lots of people email us with questions we've already answered a zillion times. Check the FAQ. You have no excuse. If you really can't find the answer, feel free to email us.

2) Students, pay attention!

Want to use information in your essay or report? The answer is YES. There are two rules. First, do not quote more than 500 words. Second, acknowledge www.godchecker.com as your source. That's it! No need to ask permission.
(Note: We cannot supply pictures for free or write your thesis for you.) Why not say thank you by donating a couple of dollars or buying something from the God Shop?

3) Attention authors, webmasters, journalists, scriptwriters

You are welcome to use information from Godchecker, but please give us a credit. Facts are in the Public Domain, but the way they're presented isn't. All our material is copyright; if you wish to quote passages from our site, please visit our permissions page for guidance.

4) Corrections are most welcome

We make no pretense to be infallible, but do make every effort to correct errors and omissions. Share your expertise! We particularly like to hear from people with roots in the cultures we try to represent. This is where a lot of our information comes from. Want to report an error? Go here.

5) Where are the missing Gods?

We have thousands of gods in our files, but they're not all in our Holy Database yet. We're working through them as quickly as we can, but does anybody listen? We cannot instantly produce pantheons to order and illustrations by next Tuesday. We are as frustrated as you!

Suggestions: Buy us a bigger spade, find us some hours with more than 60 mins. Supply us with a magic carpet, place a small coin in our begging bowl. We are surrounded by thousands of gods all jostling for their place in the sun. Patience!

6) Emails are very welcome

Email now comes in by the basketful. Two full days a week are taken up with answering them. Sometimes we don't have the answers! However your emails are cherished and go into a file. Often your suggestions and corrections go straight onto the Holy Database with a silent blessing. We just cannot thank everyone personally, but you all deserve a big juicy kiss from the God or Goddess of your choice. Contact us.

7) The flipside of flippancy

We do not aim to maliciously mock or spoof. As we have pointed out before, it is the gods who invented laughter. We really do rejoice in the rich world of mythology. Now and then we accidentally tread on a few toes, but it has never been our intent to stamp on naked feet. A little gentle humor is preferable to grovelling. (more info).

8) Theology is a no-no

Although the subject is fascinating, we can't get involved with deep theological debates. We don't do Godspam. We are positive that gods do not like being forced down humans throats. Zealots and bigots may froth, but we reserve the right to laugh with the gods. In the decade since we started, we have received many emails threatening us with hell and damnation. To which we say 'judge ye not, unless ye would be sniggered at'. No entity should be immune from good-natured ridicule. Even atheism would not exist if there were no gods to not believe in. (more info).

9) Who chooses the Top Gods?

It is you out there who decide, not us. The GodRank process is completely automatic. Obviously there are many gods not yet in our Holy Database, but their chance will come.

10) And finally...

If you have a question which isn't answered on the site, contact us!