Godchecker's mythology encyclopedia

Q: Who runs Godchecker? And why?!?

A: Site Credits in a nutshell:

Peter J Allen - Godchecker-in-Chief
Editorial director, research, development, design
Rowan - Assistant Godchecker
Additional research, development testing
Sonia - Public Relations
Press and media liaison, advertising, customer service

Sadly missed: Chas Saunders - Ex-Godchecker-In-Chief
The inventor and perpetrator of Godchecker, now currently on extended leave researching a myriad of possible Heavens

A: About the Godchecker Team

Godchecker was conceived by Chas Saunders, our original Godchecker-in-Chief, as a follow-up to the blisteringly strange Chronic. The site started life as an illustrated reference book of weird and wonderful Gods. But when the first draft was put online, the concept exploded in all directions and demanded a site of its very own. Thus Godchecker.com was born.

Godchecker developed into its current form thanks to the dedication of dedicated Godcheckers and supporters. For ten years Chas Saunders devoted himself to research, producing many of the mythological writings from his secret base at the Hub of the Universe. He also attempted to illustrated each and every God known to mankind.

Peter J Allen, who built the site back in 1999 and began contributing material in 2001, is now based at Godchecker HQ where he researches, writes and updates the Holy Database and feeds the Gods. Peter also twits the Godchecker tweet and updates the blog. An unmitigated Kludgemeister, he designs and programs the website, maintains the database, and creates the in-house website graphics.

Rowan is in charge of additional research, editing and paperwork. Rowan is game tester and devious strategy advisor.

Many other people continue to give valuable assistance to this project. Tommy Martin gives us technical Godsupport. Jacqui and Mark Love-Saunders offers unbridled encouragement. Paul Clayton shares his knowledge of Choas Theory. Many other folks around the world offer help, information and advice. We thank you all.

We are not theologists, archeologists, linguists or anthropologists. We are not apostles or even apologists. We just report on the Gods as we find them. Our investigative journalism is not infalliable - but neither are the Gods themselves. We are always happy to look, listen and learn.

The Gods told us to do it. The Gods gave us the gifts of curiosity and laughter - and if we can share them and spread a little joy, it's love and blessings all round. :)