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African Trickster God

Also known as EKURANA

Drug-induced Trickster God of Irritation in the Bwiti religion-cult

MEBEGHE the Creator made the Cosmic Egg, out of which burst NINEPONE and her brother NONE. But there was also a Cosmic Placenta and Umbilical Cord. (These things happen in drug-induced religions.) The left-over bits formed the body of EVUS, a strangely twisted Godlet with a co-joined twin by his side.

This twin, named Ekurana, possessed the power of thunder. But he spent most of his time sleeping and turning a blind eye to EVUS’s goings-on. For EVUS was wayward, annoying, and often very naughty indeed.

Knowing EVUS’s nature, MEBEGHE in his wisdom banished him to the jungle to prevent strife. So it was probably him that first discovered the hallucinatory properties of the iboga plant. Meanwhile NINEPONE and NONE were treated to a nice village setting with all mod cons.

EVUS prowled around the jungle growing increasingly bored and dissatisfied. He started to comfort-eat antelopes and warthogs, and make irritating noises in the dead of night. Finally NINEPONE went out to see what was going on. And found herself unexpectedly seduced.

After that things went rapidly downhill. NINEPONE slept with her brother and EVUS got the blame. EVUS, possibly feeling remorse, taught NONE some useful but very forbidden D.I.Y skills — which made MEBEGHE hate him even more.

The end came in a flash. MEBEGHE gave Ekurana, EVUS’s co-joined twin, a prod which finally woke him up. He unleashed a thunderbolt which knocked his brother for six and sent him deep into the bowels of the Earth. We’re not sure if the twins were separated in the process. EVUS is stuck there to this day, but has anyone seen Ekurana lately?


Name : EVUS
Pronunciation : Coming soon
Alternative names : EKURANA
Area or people : Mitsogo — Gabon, and Fang (also Beti-Pahuin, Pahouin) — Gabon and Cameroon
Location : Africa
Gender : Male
Type : deity

In charge of : Mayhem
God of : Trickster, Mischief, Mayhem

Celebration or Feast Day : Unknown at present
Good/Evil Rating : BAD, best avoided
Popularity index : 14284

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