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Chinese Alcohol God

Also known as YI-TI

Chinese God of Wine and Alcohol

Prompted by Emperor Yu’s daughter, who wanted to present her father with a gift, YI-DI decided to concoct a wonderful beverage. After much experimentation and fermentation, he arrived at the perfect brew. It was ricey, spicy, and very nicey.

He offered it to the Emperor, who thought it was delicious but far too potent. "Of course I can handle my alcohol," said the Emperor, "but what of future Emperors? A sozzled ruler would be very bad for business."

Consequently YI-DI was banned from making any more, but that didn’t stop him reaching Godly status. There must have been a lot of bootleggers in the 23rd Century BC.


Name : YI-DI
Location : China
Gender : Male
Type : deity
In charge of : Alcohol
Celebration or Feast Day : Unknown at present
Good/Evil Rating : Unknown at present
Pronunciation : Yee Dee
Alternative names : YI-TI
Popularity index : 2728
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