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Christian Saint

Also known as CECELIA

Patron Saint of Music, Musicians, Organ Makers, Singers, Keyboard Players and MP3 Players

A young daughter of Roman nobility, she had worshipped Christ in secret all her life. One day she found herself married to a very eligible Pagan chap and was not entirely happy about it.

Desperately wanting to avoid bedroom antics with a Pagan, she managed to convert her bridegroom Valerian to Christianity in the nick of time. She also converted his brother Tiburtius who was there in his capacity as Official Voyeur.

This achieved, she was able to remain a virgin for the rest of her life. This did not help them much, as when the truth got out they were both summarily executed.

St CECILIA herself was sentenced to be stifled to death in her bathroom. But the heating system failed and she had to be beheaded instead.

For some reason she is a Patron of Music. The story goes that she once heard the music of Heaven in her heart. Maybe. Or perhaps she sang in the bath.

There is allegedly a moving statue of her in the catacombs in Rome. We don’t know the location or how and why the statue moves. Perhaps it’s just a moving statue in the emotional sense.


Pronunciation : Coming soon
Alternative names : CECELIA
Location : Worldwide Christianity
Gender : Female
Type : saint

In charge of : Unknown at present
God of :

Celebration or Feast Day : November 22nd
Birth and Death Dates : ???-230
Good/Evil Rating : Unknown at present
Popularity index : 2853

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