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Picture of the Finnish information SAMPO from our Finnish mythology image library. Illustration by Chas Saunders.

Finnish information

Ilmarinen's amazing magic mill (patent pending)

This extraordinary mill was invented by ILMARINEN the Divine Smith as a wedding present for VAINAMOINEN.

The ingenious device was three-sided with a multi-colored lid, and could grind corn, money and salt, yet was easily portable. In fact it was so portable that it was accidentally chucked into the sea, where it remains to this day, churning out the world’s salt.

We imagine it looking like a Heath Robinson / Rube Goldberg invention full of rickety cogs and wurdling-flumper attachments. Such gadgets don’t exist today, but if you fancy building one we can supply detailed plans as part of our exclusive SAMPO Construction Kit. Batteries not included.


Name : SAMPO
Location : Finland
Gender : Sorry, we don't know
Type : entry
In charge of :
Celebration or Feast Day : Unknown at present
Good/Evil Rating : Unknown at present
Pronunciation : Coming soon
Alternative names : None known
Popularity index : 4590
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Article last updated on 31 December 2012 by the Godchecker Team.

Editors: Peter J Allen, Chas Saunders

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