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Indian Demon

A very powerful and ambitious Demon born of the river Ganges and primordial ocean.

JALANDHARA was on the brink of taking over Heaven when SHIVA came to the rescue. He sent his wife PARVATI to use her feminine whiles and flirt with the Demon.

Meanwhile he did one of his quick-change acts which was a perfect impersonation of the demon itself and had sex with the Demon’s wife Vrindha. SHIVA then leaked the news everywhere. Vrindha killed herself and JALANDHARA went ballistic.

Meanwhile the Gods had been developing a secret weapon — a sun disc so sharp that it had to be kept under wraps when not in use. So when the demon came storming in to tear Heaven apart, there was a ziiish as the disc took the demon’s head off — then Boing! The demon grew a new head.

This kept happening — a ziiish Boing! stalemate until it was noticed each time there was a ziiish a small drop of the demon’s blood was falling into the primordial ocean which triggered off the reconstitution process.

So a team of Goddesses put on demon fancy dress and licked up and caught any drop of blood before it could reach the ocean.

One final ziiish! And yes, the headache was over.


Pronunciation : Coming soon
Alternative names : None known
Location : India
Gender : Male
Type : demon

In charge of : Unknown at present
God of :

Celebration or Feast Day : Unknown at present
Good/Evil Rating : BAD, best avoided
Popularity index : 3169

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