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Picture of the Indian Destruction Goddess KALI from our Indian mythology image library. Illustration by Chas Saunders.

Indian Destruction Goddess

Formidable Hindu Mother Goddess of Dark Destruction

She is a black, hideous deity into sex, blood and extermination. A bit like a female Hindu dalek without the eye-stalk.

KALI has three eyes, four arms, vampire fangs and is bloated with the blood of victims. She is awful, terrible and horrifying. However, as we are constantly reminded by her followers, she does have some good points.

In fact, despite all those negative-sounding attributes, KALI is Mrs SHIVA, a stern-but-fair mother figure who maintains order and rewards seekers of the truth. Her destructive tendencies are aimed at the ignorant — she aims to purge stupidity and wipe out godless idiocy. So that’s all right then. No need to worry unless you are an atheist.

Godfact: ‘Kali’ (‘black’) was originally the name of Fire God AGNI’s charred and burnt tongue. No connection with the mutant Kaled race of Skaro from Dr Who. Unless SHIVA was moonlighting as Davros.


Name : KALI
Pronunciation : Coming soon
Alternative names : None known
Location : India
Gender : Female
Type : deity

In charge of : Destruction
God of : Destruction

Celebration or Feast Day : Unknown at present
Good/Evil Rating : NOT OKAY, be careful
Popularity index : 14099

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Article last updated on 09 February 2013 by the Godchecker Team.
Editors: Peter J Allen, Chas Saunders

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