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Indian legendary mortal

Frustrated Mortal.

He was such a persistent chap. He so badly wanted to be a God. He was already a king so couldn’t go any further in that direction. He had 60,000 sons by circumventing normal methods, doing the necessary over a bowl of seeds held by his wife.

This impatience didn’t really pay off, as all his sons were pretty weedy. Perhaps he had not followed the prayer instructions on the seed packet.

Then he set out to steal INDRA’s horse with the half-baked idea that if he sacrificed it, he could gain all its mighty strength. INDRA spotted him coming a mile away and hid the horse underground.

Persistent SAGARA sent all his sons to dig it out. Mother Earth groaned in distress, and the Gods turned the sons into insects. Yes, that’s where termites come from.

INDRA said of course he could have his sons back — when the River Ganges left Heaven and flowed to Earth. Such a laughable idea. But SAGARA prayed for 30,000 years and his sons and grandsons prayed and BRAHMA got so sick of junk prayers piling up, he said ‘Give em the Ganges, pour the lot on them, wash the whole world away’.

But SHIVA with some engineering assistance just managed to save the world by taking the force of the water on his head and separating it into seven tributaries.


Pronunciation : Coming soon
Alternative names : None known
Location : India
Gender : Male
Type : legendary mortal

In charge of : Unknown at present
God of :

Celebration or Feast Day : Unknown at present
Good/Evil Rating : OKAY, not bad
Popularity index : 2425

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