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Picture of the Maya Creator God Itzamna from our Maya mythology image library. Illustration by Chas Saunders.

Maya Creator God

Also known as ITZAM-NA, GOD-D

Top Sun God of Agriculture and Education

He’s the son of the sunny creator god HUNAB-KU, and was heavily involved in the development of Maya culture. He brought agriculture and farming to the masses, and also invented those essential items ‘books’ and ‘writing’. It’s a shame more samples of his invention didn’t survive as a few extra original Maya volumes would do wonders for our research.

A reptilian figure with several other aspects, he has an Earth Mode under the name ITZAM-CAB. He’s also known as God D. D is for Doctors! Old and ragged with a bulbous red nose, he has a red-hot healing hand. Ideal for doctors needing quick cauterization services.

ITZAMNA had a quick fling with IXCHEL, which resulted in the birth of the BACABS. In the daytime he is Sun God KINICH-AHAU. His feathery serpent mode KUKULCAN was identified with QUETZALCOATL by the Aztecs.

Itzamna Facts and Figures

Name: Itzamna
Pronunciation: Coming soon
Alternative names: ITZAM-NA, GOD-D

Gender: Male
Type: deity
Celebration or Feast Day: Unknown at present

In charge of: Creating
Area of expertise: Creation
Associated with: Sun

Good/Evil Rating: Unknown at present
Popularity index: 56647

Article last updated on 30 November 2018 by Rowan Allen.
Editors: Peter J. Allen, Chas Saunders

References: Coming soon.

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