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Native American Moon God

Also known as SNOQALM

The Moon that fell to Earth

When all the world was in darkness, there was SNOQUALM, the moon. He kept the Sun in a box. Curious about that shadowy planet Earth, he asked Spider to spin a rope and drop it down so he could go and take a look-see. It was very dark down there and hard to see anything from up in the sky.

Whilst he was poking around on the world, BEAVER — possibly assisted by BLUE-JAY — shinned up the rope and stole the Sun Box. They also nabbed all his fire-making tools.

The Sun Box was quite heavy so they were forced to abandon it in the sky, where it slipped open, allowing the Sun to shine. But the fire-making tools came in very handy down on Earth. Remember that whenever you light a fire, you’re handling stolen goods. In light of this incident, many Gods have now fitted security alarms.

Trying to reclaim his property, SNOQUALM chased the thieves up and down the rope. Unfortunately he lost his balance and plunged down to Earth, where he landed with an almighty thud in what is now the state of Washington. His body became the great Mount Si — a large rounded mountain dominating the landscape. If you climb to the top you may still see his face.

Perhaps that’s what the ancestors of the Snoqualmie tribe did — they call themselves ‘the people of the moon’.


Pronunciation : Coming soon
Alternative names : SNOQALM
Area or people : Snoqualmie people, Northwest
Location : North America
Gender : Male
Type : deity

In charge of : the Moon
God of : Moon

Celebration or Feast Day : Unknown at present
Good/Evil Rating : Unknown at present
Popularity index : 5809

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