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Norse Midwifery Goddess

Also known as Frigga

Top Norse Goddess of Marriage and Motherhood

She’s a deity who tends to cause a little confusion. Even we at Godchecker were more baffled than usual and had to visit the Well of Urd for some answers.

However, our tireless research has come up with the following facts: FRIGG is ODIN’s wife and mother of BALDUR, who she tried her best to save from a gruesome mistletoe-based death. As Queen of ASGARD, she seems quite a sassy lady, keeps ODIN in check and usually gets her way (unless mistletoe is involved).

FRIGG knows everybody’s destiny, but will never reveal it. She is also in charge of housekeeping on a big scale. She rides a broom and sweeps away clouds when they pile up. Sort of air traffic control for the Gods. Or could it be something to do with witchcraft?

FRIGG also gives her name to Friday via the Anglo-Saxon FRIGE.


Name : FRIGG
Pronunciation : Coming soon
Alternative names : Frigga
Location : Scandinavia
Gender : Female
Type : deity

In charge of : Midwifery
God of : Midwifery

Celebration or Feast Day : Unknown at present
Good/Evil Rating : NEUTRAL, may not care
Popularity index : 59604

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