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An apocryphal Prophetic Voice

This mysterious vocal bellowed out a Heavenly warning in 390 BC. A certain soldier named Caedicius heard the voice issuing from a bush — although not a burning one.

It was right on time to warn Rome that the Gauls were coming and the city unfortified. Caedicius ran off to tell the authorities but unfortunately no-one took any notice of his military intelligence — until it was too late. The Gauls sacked the city — and probably burnt the bush as well.

Much later, a shrine was built to mark the spot. The voice was deified, but it never bothered with humans again and who can blame it? This is proof that the Romans gave a God to anything, even if they couldn’t see it.

Aius Locutius Facts and Figures

Name: Aius Locutius
Pronunciation: Coming soon
Alternative names: AIUS-LOCUTUS, LOQUENS

Gender: Male
Type: deity
Celebration or Feast Day: Unknown at present

In charge of: Protection
Area of expertise: Protection

Good/Evil Rating: NEUTRAL, may not care
Popularity index: 10047

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