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The God of War from Greek Mythology

Hot-blooded God of War

The son of ZEUS and HERA, he turned out to be a swaggering bully boy and yobbo God. He had the hots for APHRODITE and even after being caught in a net by HEPHAESTUS in full Iflagrante delicto/I this did not diminish his adulterous activities. The only thing he enjoyed more was war./PPARES loved battles and violence. Never mind which side he was on, so long as there was plenty of blood. /PPHis bloodthirsty sons DEIMOS and PHOBOS are in constant attendance, and if all is peaceful, it doesn't take long for his sister ERIS to knock up a little strife. /PPHe was not very popular with most of the other Gods. He sided mostly with the Trojans in the Big Bust Up, and was wounded by a mortal with a little help from ATHENA who blatted him with a rock, and he fled howling back to OLYMPUS./PPHERACLES sent him packing with an arrow in the thigh after killing one of his obnoxious offspring, and the ALOADAE held him captive in a bronze jar for over a year because they could. /PPHis mortal sons were so vile HERACLES killed two, Diomedes (see MARES-OF-DIOMEDES) and Cicnus, and APOLLO put paid to another, Phlegyas. Talking of HERACLES, he also dealt with the iron-feathered STYMPHALIAN-BIRDS which ARES kept as pets. /PPWhen the Romans re-cast him, he was identified with MARS, the Blood-Red Planet of War. It was only then that he got any respect.

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