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The Tale of the Burnt Crumpet

The Burnt Offerings section was inspired by a little accident...

The humble Godchecker crumpet
Food of the Gods?

After long hours spent tending to the Holy Database of All Known Gods, our tireless acolyte Peter found himself in dire need of sustenance.

Not wishing to forsake the holy project more than absolutely necessary, he slipped a humble English crumpet under the Godchecker grill, intending to enjoy a simple toasted snack as a reward for his labours.

As the crumpet grilled, Peter's dedication led him back to the Godchecker office, where he once more devoted himself to pressing Godly matters.

Some time passed...

It may have been the eerie smoke billowing into the room, or it may have been the aroma of freshly burnt charcoal which alerted him to the fact that something was amiss.

Running into the Godchecker kitchen, he discovered, through a thick cloud of smoke, the burning lump of something which may once have been an innocent crumpet, but was now fit only for Satan's breakfast table.

Peter's shock and dismay was only alleviated when Godchecker-in-chief Chas Saunders surveyed the situation. "This is a burnt offering to the Gods," he said. "You've made a real sacrifice."

On closer inspection, the burnt crumpet turned out to have an amazing texture which Peter, in the name of Art and Research, promptly popped into the scanner. The results are displayed below. If you look closely, you will see the faces of many Gods!

How many Gods can you spot?