Plastic deities for the modern world


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Presenting the LEGO GODS!

Plastic deities for the modern world

Introducing the Legods!
Lego Gods get together

Rowan, Godchecker's most enthusiastic acolyte, has created a whole pantheon of new Gods out of Lego.

Details are sketchy on these Lego Gods, but they look very impressive.

We were also delighted to discover that the Lego company are currently selling a set of toys based on Oceanic Mythology. The Bionicle range features Gods, warriors, priests and demonic monsters in a complex world of fantasy legend. There are Gods of Water and Ice, Fire and Gravity.. and each one has a set of Masks of Power giving them special abilities. Many of the characters' names are taken directly from Oceanic Mythology.

Meanwhile, Rowan's Gods seem to cover a whole range of countries and cultures, from the Incan DISPO to the Oceanic OOGABUBBA.

Click the images below to view them all.

Lego Gods AkuDispoGreen KeeperGrombleHOLY SNAIL!The PsfinxGrombleGreat Green GodAnubisOogabubbaThe Godmaker

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