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The Gods Of Baltic Mythology

The latest popular Baltic deities:

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To our delight we can reveal that the ancient Gods of Lithuania are alive and well, and being worshipped under the mantle of Romuva. Furthermore the habit has now spread to America.

The very word 'Deity' may actually be of Baltic origin, deriving from the God DIEVAS. If this is true, that would make him the all-time definitive deity.

If you pore over ancient maps and peer into history books you will find Lithuania has always done its own thing. The last country in Europe to accept Christianity, Lithuania managed to keep its own language, not get pole-axed by the Poles, or be pushed out by Prussia. It still managed to retain many of its own customs and identity, even as a republic of Russia.

See also the vaguely related Slavic Mythology section, which shares many similar deities.

REGIONS COVERED: Lithuania, Latvia and Prussia.

Many Gods are spread across different regions, cultures and tribes. We've tried to pin them down to a particular area if possible. But corrections are always welcome, especially from people with first-hand knowledge. So if you know the region and would like to comment, we'd love to hear from you. Contact us here.

TRIBES, CULTURES AND PEOPLES COVERED: The Baltic peoples, including Lithuanians, Latvians and Prussians.

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