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Greek Demonness

Also known as SKYLLA

Sea Nymph who was transmogrified into a hideous monster

A daughter of PHORCYS and CETO, she started out as one of the Sea NYMPHS but rejected the advances of GLAUCUS because she didn’t like his shell suits.

She then went out with POSEIDON, which upset AMPHITRITE, then stuck her neck out even further by leaping uninvited into the jacuzzi of CIRCE.

A bad choice. CIRCE lobbed in a handful of magic herbs and when SCYLLA emerged she had six new long necks complete with extra heads and rows of very nasty teeth. She now has to lurk in a cavern in a reef with no hope of even a blind date. She has to snatch what she can to live on, her heads popping out like monstrous moray eels.

HERACLES killed her once for nabbing his oxen, but it did no good. PHORCYS forced her back into life. She now lurks somewhere off the Straits of Sicily if she hasn’t been recruited by the Mafia.


Location : Ancient Greece
Gender : Female
Type : demon
In charge of :
Celebration or Feast Day : Unknown at present
Good/Evil Rating : Unknown at present
Pronunciation : Coming soon
Alternative names : SKYLLA
Popularity index : 17643
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