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The Wise One and original Enlightened Buddhist Being

There are now budding Buddhas everywhere, but the original and, dare we say, the best started as an ordinary guy named GAUTAMA, also known as SIDDHARTA (or even Sid Arthur if you prefer).

Searching for the meaning of life, he realized the Truth as he sat under a Bho tree. What he discovered was this: You can either go on tiresomely being reincarnated forever which eventually becomes a real drag, or you can opt out, take the Holy EIGHTFOLD-WAY and float enigmatically around in Buddhahood.

As soon as he realized this, he became BUDDHA, the Enlightened One, leaving the rest of us floundering. Now Big Buddha is watching you — and lots of little Buddhas too — but in a serene and peaceful manner. He is hoping you too will take the Path to Enlightenment.

BUDDHA has been and gone and come more times than we know. Before he was Sid Arthur, he may have been biding his time as the ninth AVATAR of VISHNU and lots of BODHISATTVAs who are Buddhas-Who-Have-Been or MAITREYA, the Buddha-To-Be if he has not already come and gone. But definitely when he comes back as KALKI the Horse that's the End of the Universe. It would be too much otherwise.

Wherever you go his smiling benign features and air of blissful relaxation can only have a beneficial and calming influence. Furthermore he can also be Chinese, Tibetan, Japanese or almost any East Asian nationality. In which case he may not have been GAUTAMA at all — or maybe only a little bit.

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Article last updated on 04 January 2013
Authors: Peter J Allen and Chas Saunders
References: Coming soon.

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Location : India
Gender : Male
Type : Deity
Celebration or Feast Day : Unknown at present
Good/Evil Rating : GOOD, quite approachable
Pronunciation : Coming soon
Alternative names : None known
Popularity index : 1326

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