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Drastically Dangerous Demon previously known as [RAVANA].

He was vanquished, but like any villain worth a film script came back again for a sequel under the name SISUPALA. With only four arms and three eyes this time.

He was only a baby. He came with the warning that he must be loved and adored, and would only turn really nasty if he got to sit on the knee of someone who wanted to do away with him. Getting used to being loved he would run to strangers and climb onto their laps. Furthermore he now had mortal parents who lived in a palace and were visited by celebrities.

One day KRISHNA came visiting. The moment he sat down RAVANA rushed him and clambered onto his knee. KRISHNA muttered something extremely uncharitable and the baby's extra arms and eye disappeared. SISUPALA was not happy about this — he enjoyed being a little devil and always being noticed.

He brooded a lot but grew up seemingly normal and even found a prospective wife, RUKMINI. She was not at all keen but arrangements went ahead against her wishes, so she wrote to KRISHNA.

He came flying to the rescue, whisked her off and married her himself. After that SISUPALA plotted and planned to ambush and destroy KRISHNA who smiled and enjoyed it all. He just loved being grudged. What were another hundred failed attempts on his life?

Then at an important sacrifice held by King YUDHISHTHIRA, SISUPALA insulted KRISHNA face to face and also drew his sword to start off by slaughtering the king. This was too much. KRISHNA cried 'Drop the Disc!' and down came the Sun Disc, slicing SISUPALA neatly in two.

His blood gushed out in a fiery pool and lapped over KRISHNA's feet. Part of his spirit is now absorbed into KRISHNA so the demon did get a partial revenge.

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Article last updated on 12 February 2013
Authors: Peter J Allen and Chas Saunders
References: Coming soon.

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Location : India
Gender : Male
Type : Demon
Celebration or Feast Day : Unknown at present
Good/Evil Rating : TOTALLY EVIL, danger!
Pronunciation : Coming soon
Alternative names : None known
Popularity index : 221

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