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A picture showing the legend of GEIRROD taken from our Norse mythology archives. Illustration by Chas Saunders. Read the story below or search the index for more Norse Gods, Norse Goddesses, heroes, demons and monsters!

Frost Giant who tried to clobber Thor

One of the FROST-GIANTS, with two gruesome daughters, GJALP and GREIP. He captured LOKI and used him to lure THOR to his dwelling with the intent of killing him.

The two-faced LOKI, pretending friendship, invited THOR to a slap-up feast at GEIRROD Hall. Casual dress, all the boar you can eat, and absolutely no need to bring any weapons, honest.

The innocent THOR left his battling gear at home and allowed LOKI to lead him to his doom, but it was a long journey, and THOR opted for an overnight stay at GRID's.

When LOKI was asleep, GRID warned THOR that she had heard on the Giant grapevine that GEIRROD was up to no good and was on no account to be trusted. She was so concerned, she lent him her own magic belt, iron gloves and unbreakable iron staff.

On arrival at GEIRROD Castle, THOR used GRID's gifts to great effect. The host was not there when they arrived, and THOR, still tired after a sleepless night, dozed off in a larger chair. The gruesome twosome daughters crept under the chair and heaved upwards to crush THOR against the ceiling.

THOR snapped awake just in time to wedge the staff between himself and the ceiling. Then he too became pushy. Pushing down beat pushing up — THOR broke their backs and crushed them to death.

GEIRROD didn't appear until breakfast next day, when he acted as if nothing had happened. Then with no warning he seized a lump of red hot iron from a brazier and hurled it at THOR who, on the alert, caught it in the iron gloves and returned the favor with interest, bringing down a pillar supporting the roof before rebounding through GEIRROD's midriff with fatal results.

Just before the whole building collapsed THOR zapped the quaking castle staff with the iron staff, grabbed LOKI, and was out of there.

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Article last updated on 10 January 2013
Authors: Peter J Allen and Chas Saunders
References: Coming soon.

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Location : Scandinavia
Gender : Male
Type : Demon
Celebration or Feast Day : Unknown at present
Pronunciation : Coming soon
Alternative names : None known
Popularity index : 779

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