Norse Mythology


Norse Thunder God

Also known as Þórr, Þunor, Thunor, Donar

Hammer-throwing macho God of Thunder and Thursdays

Thursday is Thorsday. The son of ODIN and JORD, he’s the famous Scandinavian God with Hammer, the burly red-bearded Lord of Thunderstorms. The mighty defender of ASGARD, he patrols the sky, riding through the clouds in a chariot pulled by two goats (Tanngniost and Tanngrisnir).

During a storm you can hear him approach — that distant rumble is the sound of his chariot wheels thundering across the sky. If you listen very carefully, you might even hear the goats.

As a War God, THOR is a formidable opponent who you certainly would not wish to meet on a dark night. Fuelled by a truly ferocious appetite, his fearsome physique boasts bulging muscles and the kind of abdomen better suited to parading around at beach parties. But his rigorous work-out routine not only includes beating baddies to a pulp — he spends a lot of quality time thrusting his famous hammer MJOLLNIR all over the place. This magic electrified tool creates bolts of lightning and scares the hell out of anyone contemplating asking for his autograph.

THOR’s symbol, depicting the hammer MJOLLNIR, is in the form of a swastika. This was stolen by the Nazis for their own hard-hitting propaganda purposes. It should have been used on the Nazis and not by them. Despite their Teutonic twaddle the Nazis were not nice or Norse.

As perhaps you might expect from such a head-strong tough guy, THOR is not terribly bright and LOKI was always leading him astray. But they were firm friends and THOR was always ready to bash their enemies with the business end of his hammer.

Married to SIF, he’s also been known to have a fling with the Giantess JARNSAXA, with whom he produced the equally fearsome MAGNI and MODI. His daughter is THRUD. (That’s not an insult, it’s her name.)

Thor Facts and Figures

Name: Thor
Pronunciation: Coming soon
Alternative names: Þórr, Þunor, Thunor, Donar

Gender: Male
Type: God
Celebration or Feast Day: Unknown at present

In charge of: Thunder
Area of expertise: Thunder

Good/Evil Rating: Unknown at present

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