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References: The Godchecker Bibbleography

A selection of recommended mythological resources from the Godchecker Fountain of Knowledge...

The Godchecker library

We've used many different reference materials in creating Godchecker. Books. Websites. Magazines. Journals. Information from visitors with expert knowledge.

We aim to check every piece of information against multiple independent sources. Sometimes this isn't always possible but we do try! All books mentioned here are stored at the Chas Archives, a vast repository of knowledge located at the Hub of the Universe in West Sussex, England.

Works are generally listed with the date of first publication. Many important volumes are long out-of-print, but we've tried to indicate current publications where possible. Clicking a title's link will take you straight to further information on Amazon.com. (And don't be afraid to buy!)

By its very nature this section can only give a tiny peek into the wealth of mythological resources available. We'll try to update it as time permits and new stuff comes to our attention. Oh yes, and if we've missed out a cracking good resource, feel free to recommend it!