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Editor’s note: This section is currently being revised. Updates coming soon.

Here are some useful, interesting, bizarre or otherwise click-worthy sites discovered by our web-delving research dwarves.


Mythology in Portuguese. This is long-established website of mythology from the perspective of the Portuguese-speaking world. As well as covering the usual Classical Gods of Europe, Mitologia does great work exploring the lesser-known myths and legends of Portugal and Brazil. English speakers will need to use the handy ‘translate’ button — it’s definitely worth a visit.


The write stuff. A snappy and well laid out introduction to writing, from the nuances of Etruscan alphabets to obscure symbols scribbled on the back of Aztec envelopes. Ancient writings are a vital resource in mythological research. Where would we be without Egyptian hieroglyphics? This site features alphabets and symbols from more languages than you ever thought existed.

Comprehensive directory of Absolutely Everything. This site has an insane amount of links, and most of them take you somewhere pretty interesting. As a test, take two words at random — the chances are you’ll find an entry on the subject. Astronomy hotel? Memory metal? Toilet radio? Goat Christmas? All this and more!

Fortean Times

The World of Strange Phenomena Website of the venerable weirdness journal featuring UFOs, ghosts, cryptozoology, the paranormal and other outrageously bizarre items from around the world. Fortean Times is an old favorite of Team Godchecker and we highly commend them to your attention.

Encyclopedia Mythica

The grand-daddy of all Mythology websites. Huge compendium of deities, myths and mythical critters. Has thousands of entries, and even covers some of the more obscure Gods we at Godchecker delight in. This is a vital information resource with references and sources, although the entries can be a little terse at times. If you prefer your mythology untainted by humorous speculation this site should be high on your visit list.

Global Network Of Dreams

Find things you didn’t even know you were looking for! GNOD is an experimental ‘Find Engine’. It uses artificial intelligence to figure out things you might like, based on your responses to other people’s choices. For example, if you like a particular novelist, GNOD can suggest other novelists it thinks you might enjoy. Oddly enough, it works...

More websites will be added when the infinite demands on our time permit. Please check back in a couple of decades.

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