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The Bible, Religion and Theology

The Bible is a never-ending source of quotations and inspiration. The NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION (International Bible Society, 1984) is allegedly the most accurate translation and is highly recommended. The IBS has recently produced a more politically-correct version of the NIV which also looks promising. We also have the New Testament translated into Cockney Rhyming Slang ("Cor strike a light!" sayeth the Lord). But you can't beat the old King James Bible for sheer majesty and power.

The LION ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE BIBLE (Lion Publishing, 1978) is quite handy; also their PICTURE ARCHIVE OF THE BIBLE (1987).

For a complete and utter description of mainstream Christian belief, there is only one place to turn: SYSTEMATIC THEOLOGY by Louis Berkhof (Banner Of Truth, 1958). This scholarly but highly readable tome delves into every detail of Reformed Christian Theology and answers all those awkward questions such as 'How big is Heaven?', 'What does God look like?' and 'How many angels are there?'

Books on Buddhism abound. We battle through bewildering batches of Bhoddisvatas trying to lighten up enlightenment. We must admit that our shelves are currently devoid of THE TORAH and THE HOLY KORAN, but we're always playing catch-up in the books-which-must-be-read department. Our copy of the Mormon Bible has been awaiting scrutiny for years...

To be honest, we don't get too involved with organised religion as such, but we do have THE INTERNATIONAL DICTIONARY OF RELIGION by Richard Kennedy (Crossroad Publishing, 1984) and THE WORDSWORTH ENCYCLOPEDIA OF WORLD RELIGIONS (Wordsworth Editions, 1999) which seem to meet most of our requirements.