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Greek Mythology

Due to an emphasis in scholarly circles on creaking along in Greek, and with so much literature being available for translation along with classical sculpture, Greek Godchecking is a relatively simple task. Everyone has heard of the major Gods. Or have they? Not only romanticised they also became Romanised. Who came first - Venus or Aphrodite? Zeus or Jupiter? Fret not. Godchecker does all this for you.

Books proliferate. Just too many. We have trawled through the major deities and are at the nitty-gritty stage of digging out the dirt on the lesser Gods. Our ultimate test for a Greek Mythology book now is to whisk straight to the index and look up Morpheus. If he is not there we can close the book and have an early night. In this respect Robert Graves, the sage of much Greek geekishness, has proved a grave disappointment so far. But his two-volume THE GREEK MYTHS (Penguin, 1955) is still one of the best.

Also you can't judge every book by its title. DAWN OF THE GODS by Jacquetta Hawkes (Random House, 1968) is not about a Goddess called Dawn but is a very good look at Minoan, Mycenaean and Classical Greek Culture.