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World Mythology

PAUL HAMLYN PUBLISHING brought out a series of books as part of their Library of the World's Myths And Legends series. They are well worth searching for. We are still seeking a few but so far have:
CHINESE MYTHOLOGY by Anthony Christie (Hamlyn, 1968)
INDIAN MYTHOLOGY by Veronica Ions (Hamlyn, 1967)
JAPANESE MYTHOLOGY by Juliet Piggott (Hamlyn, 1969)
NEAR EASTERN MYTHOLOGY by John Gray (Hamlyn, 1969)
NORTH AMERICAN INDIAN MYTHOLOGY by Cottie Burland (Hamlyn, 1965)
OCEANIC MYTHOLOGY by Roslyn Poignant (Hamlyn, 1967)
ROMAN MYTHOLOGY by Stewart Perowne (Hamlyn, 1967)
SCANDINAVIAN MYTHOLOGY by Hilda R Ellis Davidson (Hamlyn, 1969)
SOUTH AMERICAN MYTHOLOGY by Harold Osborne (Hamlyn, 1965)