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Christian Saint

Also known as Anthony of Thebes

Egyptian hermit who founded a desert-dwelling community of ascetics near Fayum by the Red Sea

He was born to a wealthy inheritance with rich Christian parents. But all the comforts of a rich and sumptuous lifestyle just made him want to rebel.

So he gave his fortune away, sent his sister to a nunnery, did various goodly deeds and went to live with a hermit.

His actions impressed a great many people and helped to popularize early monasticism. Unfortunately he was so virtuous that he began to worry about being too virtuous and falling into the sin of pride.

This spiritual dilemma proved too complicated and so he retired to a mountain cave with no forwarding address.

St. Anthony the Great Facts and Figures

Name: Anthony the Great
Pronunciation: Coming soon
Alternative names: Anthony of Thebes

Gender: Male
Type: Saint
Birth and Death Dates: 250-340
Celebration or Feast Day: January 17th

Role: Unknown at present

Good/Evil Rating: Unknown at present

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