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Christian Saint

Also known as Wunebald, Winibald

Brother of Willibald with whom he set off on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land

But Winebald fell sick and got no further than Rome. On recovery he found he could study there. He also met SAINT-BONIFACE-OF-MAINZ who persuaded him to become an evangelist in Germany.

On this mission he met up with the Bishop of Eichstadt who unexpectedly turned out to be his brother.

So Bishop aka Brother Willibrord put in a good word and set him up with their sister SAINT-WALBURGA at a monastery in Heidenheim.

St. Winebald Facts and Figures

Name: Winebald
Pronunciation: Coming soon
Alternative names: Wunebald, Winibald

Gender: Male
Type: Saint
Birth and Death Dates: ???-761
Celebration or Feast Day: Unknown at present

Role: Unknown at present

Good/Evil Rating: Unknown at present

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