Finnish Mythology


Finnish Trickster God

Also known as Lemminkainen, KAUKO, KAUKO-MIELI, LEMMINKÂINEN

Trickster God, full of conjuring and conjugality

He came to a funny finish — he was cut to pieces and chucked into the River of the Dead at TUONELA. Luckily for him, his anguished mum (who some sources claim is ILMATAR) found the body and rescued it. Following assistance from SUONETAR, she managed to glue the bits back together using UKKO’s amazingly adhesive honey. So LEMMINKAINEN is now sticky and tricky.

He was a brave warrior but suffered from an overdose of testosterone which caused much grief in his marriage to KYLLIKKI.

Occasionally it’s claimed that he developed an evil twist and became LEMPO, but we haven’t yet managed to pin him down for an interview.

Lemminkäinen Facts and Figures

Name: Lemminkäinen
Pronunciation: Coming soon
Alternative names: Lemminkainen, KAUKO, KAUKO-MIELI, LEMMINKÂINEN

Gender: Male
Type: God
Celebration or Feast Day: Unknown at present

In charge of: Mayhem
Area of expertise: Trickster, Mischief, Mayhem

Good/Evil Rating: Unknown at present

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