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Hindu Moon God

Also known as Candra, Candramas, Candramus

Moon God who is now just a shell of his former self

He is a sad, unlucky figure. You can tell just by looking at his battered old face. In fact this miserable Moon God is identified with Soma the God of Alcohol. He must have been drinking too much moonshine.

Chandra is not a discounted disc — in fact he is very popular. But his love affairs with other celestial objects have never worked out — not helped by the quantities of Soma he was drinking. For a start, he became the father of the planet Mercury (Budha) after a terrible love affair with Jupiter (Tara). This caused a scandal across the whole solar system.

Not content with that, he got the hots for twenty-seven of Daksha’s daughters and married them. Yes, all twenty-seven. They were a pretty bunch of constellations living next to him in the sky, and with all that proximity he just couldn’t resist. It was an extreme case of marrying the girl next door.

His behavior did not endear him to the rest of his neighbors, and after complaints he was punished with a regular waning. It could be that now he only holds his position due to family connections with his sister being Ushas and his brothers Agni and Vayu.

Chandra Facts and Figures

Name: Chandra
Pronunciation: Coming soon
Alternative names: Candra, Candramas, Candramus

Gender: Male
Type: God
Celebration or Feast Day: Unknown at present

In charge of: the Moon
Area of expertise: Moon
Associated with: the Moon

Good/Evil Rating: NEUTRAL, may not care
Popularity index: 1981

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