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Inca Fish Goddess

Also known as Urpi-Huachac, Urpihua-Chac, Urpihuachac, Urpiwachac

Goddess of Fish and Fishery

This was a Goddess who owned the biggest fishpond of all time containing the world’s stocks. She also had beautiful daughters which Viracocha kept chasing, until they were forced to turn into doves to escape him.

Poor old Viracocha — he doesn’t have much luck with his sex life. He was so frustrated he kicked down the pond walls. All the fish escaped into the sea and rivers so he didn’t even get a fish supper.

Urpay Huachac Facts and Figures

Name: Urpay Huachac
Pronunciation: Coming soon
Alternative names: Urpi-Huachac, Urpihua-Chac, Urpihuachac, Urpiwachac

Gender: Female
Type: Goddess
Celebration or Feast Day: Unknown at present

In charge of: Fish
Area of expertise: Fish

Good/Evil Rating: Unknown at present
Popularity index: 1333

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