South American Mythology


Mapuche Evil Spirits


Horrible Spirits

They can manifest as any disgusting shape they want, in order to cause any form of misery to humans.

Sickness, harvest blights, plagues and freak weather. There is no defense against them. You either suffer in silence or scream a lot. According to some accounts GUECUBU might be their boss.

They are dispersed by PILLAN – you might need to deal with him if you need HUECUVUS pest control.

Huecuvus Facts and Figures

Name: Huecuvus
Pronunciation: Coming soon
Alternative names: HUECUVAS, HUECUVE

Gender: Male
Type: Spirits
Area or people: Mapuche (Araucanian) people of Chile
Celebration or Feast Day: Unknown at present

In charge of: Evil
Area of expertise: Evil

Good/Evil Rating: Unknown at present

Article last updated on 18 April 2019 by Rowan Allen.
Editors: Peter J. Allen, Chas Saunders

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