Vodou Mythology


Haitian God

Also known as OGU, Papa Ogou

Adopted God of Metal and much much more

He is of course the African OGUN of the Yoruba people.

And carrying on much as before in his new VODOU role. God of Fire, War, Iron, Politics, Blacksmiths and Furnaces. If he shouts ‘My balls are cold!’ you must pour some rum on the ground and set fire to it. It’s a rum business all round.

If you see him wielding a machete, it is best to leave by the back door. He also has added extras and is OGOU-BADAGRIS who does phallic things, and OGOU-SHANGO for Fire and Lightning.

There’s also OGOU-FERAY, fer all the other things, and no doubt a few more. He is also on the Cuban ORICHAS List.

Ogou Facts and Figures

Name: Ogou
Pronunciation: Coming soon
Alternative names: OGU, Papa Ogou

Gender: Male
Type: God
Area or people: Haiti
Celebration or Feast Day: Unknown at present

In charge of: Many Things
Area of expertise: Many things, lots of stuff

Good/Evil Rating: GOOD, quite approachable

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