Zoroastrian Mythology

The Gods and Supernatural Beings of Zoroastrianism


Zoroastrian Light God

Super-duper Zoroastrian God of Light, Truth and Judgment

The son of Ahura Mazda, he wages war against the Evil God Ahriman and helps keep the world safe from International Terrorism.

Apart from being a deity of light and goodness, in his spare time Mithra also judges the souls of the dead, along with fellow goodies Rashnu and Sraosha.

Always a popular God, he was around long before Zoroastrianism kicked off but seemed quite happy to endorse this new religion. Meanwhile he was nicely integrated into the Vedic Hindu pantheon as a Varuna’s best buddy and partner in worldwide security (see Mitra).

He outlasted most of his contemporaries, and cults devoted to him were still going strong in Roman times (see Mithras).

Mithra has a thousand eyes and a thousand ears. So if you get the feeling you are under surveillance, you could be right.

Mithra Facts and Figures

Name: Mithra
Pronunciation: Coming soon
Alternative names:

Gender: Male
Type: God
Area or people: Persia
Celebration or Feast Day: Unknown at present

In charge of: Light
Area of expertise: Light

Good/Evil Rating: Unknown at present
Popularity index: 2563

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