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The Gods Of Tibetan Mythology


The major manufacturing industry of remote Tibet has been Buddhism for many centuries. There are many who believe that Buddhism went from Tibet to India rather than the other way round. They have every sort of Buddha with more names and aspects than you can tinkle a temple bell at. They have so many prayers to get through they have to put them on wheels.

They have temple after temple filled with Big Buddhas, Buddhas with Cycles, Bouncing Buddhas, Trouncing Buddhas, Buddhas for Meditation, Medication, Indoctrination, Information, Transcendation, Mystication, Dhyanification, Unification, Levitation and several million more things for your Enlightenment if you don't find it all rather heavy-going.

Since invasion by godless Chinese Communism, this presents problems. Their very own living Buddha incarnation the DALAI-LAMA has already gone - forced into exile. So how the temples and multitudes of monks are managing to cope we don't know.

Tibet is not the easiest place to get to at the best of times — Mount Everest is a bit more than a walk in the hills and No Trespassing notices do not help the situation. But one of the great Virtues of Buddhism is Patience. Reaching the state of Nirvana, where nothing needs to happen anyway if the prayer-wheel's worth of books we have scanned have imparted the correct message.

REGIONS COVERED: Tibet and beyond.

Many Gods are spread across different regions, cultures and tribes. We've tried to pin them down to a particular area if possible. But corrections are always welcome, especially from people with first-hand knowledge. So if you know the region and would like to comment, we'd love to hear from you. Contact us here.

TRIBES, CULTURES AND PEOPLES COVERED: Tibetans and lovers of Tibetan Buddhism.

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